Wartime Years


Comper Aircraft Company

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  1. paul harrison

    Wow ,Im sure glad ive found this website.
    I run a group on facebook called Ellesmere Port old and new,which covers the surrounding areas of Hooton,Eastham,Stanney,just to name a few.
    Ive also not been able to find a great deal of information regarding Hooton so every little help.
    This is just a wonderful place with info of a great man and his ideas,and i must thank Nick Comper for setting up in Hooton all those years ago,and doing what he did,and not forgetting his friends and family and local people for there help to make it possible.
    I hope you dont mind me sharing some of this info on my group page,this is great for are local history and things like this should never be lost or forgotten.
    If there are any other photos and info you have that might help me and my local history,well i would be delighted to recieve anything from yourselfs or anybody else.
    Cheers and thanks again Paul Harrison

  2. sperry

    Hi Paul

    Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your enthusiastic response.

    I would be very happy for you to share any information you like with the group. Maybe it will encourage them to visit this site. I will think about whether there are any unpublished photos I have that may be of interest to you. I’m going away for a week so certainly won’t get round to this earlier than next week.



  3. Paul Harrison

    Hi there Stephen,sorry its taken until now,i lost this in my Favourites.
    Anyway im so glad that you find it ok for me to share your info with my group,which i will do so now,i think its only right that the local people of my town can enjoy what you have here and pass it on to others as well.
    It would be great if you do come across any photos regarding Hooton park,that may be of interest to me and my group.
    I really look forward to seeing anything in relation to this.
    As far as you time away i guess you taken it now and im in no rush,when ever your ready that will be great.
    well once again i thank you for what you have done for the local history of my town.
    cheers Paul Harison

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