The Streak

Comper Streak Data


Wing Span                         23ft 6in

Length                               18ft 0in

Height                                 5ft 9in

Aspect Ratio                         5:8

Wing Area                           80 sq ft


Tare weight                         880lb

Gross weight                      1,429lb

Wing loading                    18.75/sq ft

Fuel Consumption            11.5 gal/hr at 2,400 r.p.m. 

The single seat sports monoplane was originally designed to compete in the ill-fated International Air Races.   Comper decided to enter the Streak for the 1934 Coupe Deutsch and work on the plane began in earnest in late 1933.  The Comper Aircraft Company realised that the Swift was reaching the end of its life and needed a replacement.

When the Streak emerged from the Heston workshops it looked for all the world like a low-winged Swift with a retractable undercarriage.  Comper installed a high compression 146 hp Gipsy Major engine of only 6.1 litre capacity and unsupercharged.  Its maiden flight was on 12th April 1934.  The trial was marred by major structural problems with the ailerons.  They stayed intact but on landing it was possible to see that for every aileron a hinge eye-bolt had sawn a vertical slot in the rear spar web.  Disaster was narrowly averted.

The Streak received its air worthiness certificate on 18th May 1934 and as planned was entered at Etampes.  But in the second round of the competition its undercarraige failed to retract and it was retired after six laps.  It appeared again in the King’s Cup of that year at Hatfield.  Comper was forced to retire the plane after the first round after it had failed to reach its handicap speed of 180 mph.

By now the Comper Aircraft Company’s financial troubles had come to a head.  The new company that replaced it, Heston Aircraft Company (in which Comper was not a part) struggled on.  In 1935 the plane made its last public appearance at the King’s Cup air race.  After that it faded into obscurity and was finally scrapped in 1937.

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  1. Peter Campbell


    I am enjoying this site but note that the picture of ‘Nick in front of the swift’ on the swift page is actually the Streak.



  2. Simon Tweedale


    I am interested in building a 40% scale flying model of a ‘Streak’. as the only photos Ive seen are b+w, does anyone know what colour the steak was?

    I am currently building a 1/3 scale swift for radio control

    Excellent site

    Cheers Simon

  3. sperry

    Hi Simon

    I don’t know the livery but will ask Richard Riding if he knows. Thanks for you praise of my grandfather’s site.


  4. Simon Tweedale

    Many thanks Stephen, will await your reply,


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