The Scamp

The two-seater Scamp was never built.  When Nick Comper designed the aeroplane he envisaged a stronger engine then the one he ultimately could use, so the re-designed aeroplane and the single seater that finally emerged was called the Fly and registered G-AFPV.  Unfortunately by the time it was finished Nick Comper was dead.  Even worse for the aeroplane itself was that it failed to get airborne due to its weak powerplant. Heston, where it had been built, had no further interest in the aeroplane, so in stepped Gerard Fane a long term supporter of Nick Comper. He re-designed the aeroplane once more and re-registered it as G-AGDJ as the Fane F1 (later F1/40) and it first flew on 21st March 1941.

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