The Kite

The Kite was an attempt to provide a two seat version of the Swift.  Because of the high wing of the Swift a direct conversion to a two seater was not possible even though it had the weight carrying capability needed.  So it was decided to use the Streak design as a starting point.  There had only been two Streaks produced and one of them had provision for a second cockpit.  This may explain why the Kite followed the Streak so quickly.

The Streak was powered by a de Havilland engine but the Kite was fitted with the 90 hp Pobjoy because of its low specific weight.  Other differences were limited to a taller fin and rudder.  It also had a forward fuselage capable of housing the Pobjoy Niagara. 

It was given its certificate of airworthiness in July 1934 and Comper had high hopes for it in that year’s King’s Cup air race.  But those hopes were dashed as it came sixth in its heat and was eliminated.  A month later the Comper Aircraft Company went out of business.  The Kite then lay unused at Heston until it was scrapped in 1935.

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