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The website master is Amanda Noble, Nick Comper’s great grandaughter, and the editor and writer of the content is Stephen Perry, Nick Comper’s grandson.

This site is dedicated to  Naomi Perry, who died in August 2007.  It is a love letter to her.

Mandy lives in Parwich in Derbyshire with her husband Lewis Noble, the highly respected Derbyshire artist, and their three children.

Stephen now lives in Bristol, with his wife Suzanne.  He is a former BBC journalist.

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  1. Michael J BLAKE

    Well done, this is great website.

    Just question: do you have a know where I might find a photo of Comper Swift s/n S.33/8 wearing the registration VP-KAV………..?


  2. Barry Clay

    Thank you for presenting such a wonderful tribute to Nick Comper,Nick was without a shadow of doubt well ahead of his time and the Comper Swift is a living testimony to his aeronautical skills in those far off pre war days,the site has given me a far better ubderstanding of the man behind these unique ultra light aeroplanes,I hope that more photographs will come to light because of this historical site,thank you,Barry Clay a lifelong admirer of the Comper Swift aeroplane.

  3. Paul Wells

    Hello. A few years ago I placed the surviving Comper Swift drawing with the RAeS. I also have some imformation about Nick’s first job and Service details which are from offical records and differ from what is often published. There is also another Pathe film that you may wish a copy of. Drop me an email and I will get the details to you.


  4. Peter Rose

    I am currently reading Alex Henshaw’s book “Flight of the Mew Gull”. I was keen to learn more about one of AH’s first racing aircraft and the story behind its designer. Thank you for producing such an interesting website.

    Kind regards,


  5. Christopher Farley

    Dear Miss Noble,

    Quite by chance I came across your Nick Comper webpage this morning.

    I own and operate a small vintage biplane ( G AVEY ) which has the same motor (Pobjoy 80hp radial) as the Swift.

    Also I have often been quite facinated on visits to the Shuttleworth museum at Old Warden what the Swift would be like to fly compared to my Super WOT (Currie aircraft design)

    Anyway, very well done in your story / historical publication- web page design.

    All rather excellent.

    In the 1970’s I started my working life with the Britten Norman Aircraft Company – Islander design offices- and done various engineering manufacturing “start up” firms in UK

    What remains true to your Great grandfather’s time , is banking for project finance out of England remains a significant problem in areas of new product creations or ventues requiring new technologies & big risks –

    Nicholas Comper clearly was a man of great talent in his time and hope his genes continue in the same creative spirit through you future offspring generations.. etc

    Yours sincerely

    Christopher Farley
    Oxley , Wolverhampton

    cc Elizabeth Farley
    Zurich CH Friday 5 June 2009 UK


  6. Michael J BLAKE

    Michael J BLAKE on 13 Mar 2009 at 1:46 pm #

    Well done, this is a great website.

    Just question: do you have a know where I might find a photo of Comper Swift s/n S.33/8 wearing the registration VP-KAV………..?


    PS………….Still hunting for a photograph othat Swift……..!!!

  7. Pat Maguire

    I’m working on a history of Hooton Park, home of my employer Vauxhall Motors and found your site to be invaluable as although I have info on the Swift and the company itself, I don’t have a much on Nicholas Comper. Would it be possible for me to use some of the pictures i.e. the Ciervo plan and photographs of Nicholas at Hooton to use in my project?

  8. Ron Smith

    I am an author, pilot and enthusiast with a strong interest in aviation history. I knew two past owners of Comper Swift G-ACTF – Bill Woodhams and Alan Chalkley, through the Vintage Aircraft Club. My book series British Built Aircraft documents (I hope reasonably accurately) the history of the Comper enterprise from Cranwell to Hooton Park and Heston.

    If you contact me, I will forward relevant text extracts.

    My very best regards and admiration for an excellent and informative website.

    Ron Smith

  9. sperry

    Hello Ron

    Thanks so much for contacting me and your kind remarks about the website. I would love to receive the relevant extracts from your book.

    Stephen Perry

  10. Peter Dye

    Dear Stephen,

    Many congratulations on your site.

    I’d welcome an opportunity to discuss the RAF Museum’s plans to commemorate Flt Lt Nicholas Comper’s efforts at Cranwell, including the work of the Cranwell Light Aircraft Club, and the contribution of Major Douglas Pobjoy.

    We intend to rebuild Comper Swift G-ACGL to form the centre-piece of an exhibition at Cosford, to be unveiled next year.

    Yours Peter Dye

  11. sperry


    This sounds very exciting indeed. I would love to meet you. My phone number is 0117 904 0287. Do call.


  12. Tim Moore


    Do you have an e mail address so we may send you some photos of Compers. Regards

    Tim Moore

  13. sperry

    Hi Tim

    My email address is: s.perry@blueyonder.co.uk

    I very much look forward to receiving your photos.


  14. Michael J BLAKE


    Still on the look out for a photo of Swift VP-KAV c/n S.33/8. Someone must have one !!!!!!

    Thanks & regards Planemike

  15. James Mason

    A fascinating website and great tribute to Nick Comper. I was interested to find more information after reading ‘Lessons in Flight’ by Alex Henshaw ( Aeroplane August 2003 ) which describes his flight in a Comper Swift en route to Egypt in 2003. Again the story of this flight is fascinating and well written, the regard of the author for Nick Comper is very apparent in the article.

  16. sperry


    Thanks so much for your remarks. I will seek out “Lessons in Flight”.

  17. Tim Moore

    hello Stephen, did we ever forward photos to you, I can’t remember, too much going on at that time! Feel free to get in touch/visit comper swift, F-ANHO wreck, Pobjoy ‘R’s and other types.

  18. Rolf Birke

    Hallo Stephen,

    I am working on a Comper Streak model.
    Do you have any informations about the colour?
    I found notes that it was blue&silver ( Radio Modeller),in Radio Control Model World it is red.


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